Healing Lodge



Ruach Adonai Healinge Lodge wants to help people with addition. We want do accommodate pattients who struggles with addiction. With the lack of funds we cant help everyone in need.  With your donation it will be possible to help more people with addition.




Ruach Adonai Healing Lodge would like to continue to provide the best Spiritual Healing to our patients. However, due to lack of funds we are having difficulty sustaining these services. This hampers us to a great extent in reaching communities in need of these services.  We are currently looking for a donation to assist in the patient spiritual healing, provision and sustainment. Recovery is a process. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes everything you’ve got.



• 15% of South Africa’s population have a drug problem.


• Drug abuse is costing South Africa R20-billion a year and could pose a bigger threat to the country’s future than the Aids pandemic.


• According to SAPS figures, 60 percent of crimes nationally were related to substance abuse. In the Western Cape, the figure was closer to 80 percent. The perpetrators of these crimes are either under the influence of substances, or trying to secure money for their next fix.


• In 2004, government disbanded the SA Narcotics Bureau (SANAB), a dedicated drug-fighting unit within the SAPS that had achieved some notable successes. Since its closure, drug-related crimes have increased exponentially – in fact by 30 percent.


• The recently-released United Nations World Drug Report had named South Africa as one of the drug capitals of the world.


• The abuse of alcohol and usage of dagga has lead to the country to being one of the top ten narcotics and alcohol abusers in the world.


• One Rand in four in circulation in SA is linked to the substance abuse problem.   (CDA-Bayever)


• Drug arrests leapt from 300 in 2006 to 1500 in 2012 in Cape Town. (Times Live)