Lighthouse Ministries Pakistan

My name is Pastor Asif Khurshid. I am representing Lighthouse ministries international in Pakistan since august 2016. I am ordained minister of Lighthouse ministries international. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior in august 2004 and got water baptism then God fulfilled me with the Holy Spirit. In 2008 God called me for His Ministry by the grace of God since that time He is using me as an evangelist in Pakistan. I am really thanks to God for Apostle Fredrik who accepted me in Lighthouse ministries international.


God has put in my heart a vision for the orphan, abused and poorest children of Southern Pakistan. It started in 2009 when my mother passed away.  I became half an orphan that day, and for the first time I felt the pain of being an orphan.  I was very close to my mother, and when she passed on to be with the Lord, I missed her so much.  It was at this time that God opened my heart and filled it with compassion for the orphans around me.  I now had a burden on my heart to help them and prepare them for the times to come.  I asked the Lord if this inspiration was from Him, He make it possible for me to get the necessary education, skills and resources. And, He answered my prayers.  He opened further doors for me to get training in this regard.

Since year 2008 I am working as an evangelist God using me in different ways as a worship & delivering His messages to the people who are lost. And also do volunteer work.  I will continue this ministry, as I would like to see the gift of evangelism grow in my children as well.

My true passion is working with orphaned children, poor’s, rejected, needy and widows.  I believe that these children & people will be equipped as end-time leaders, through the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit. I would love to teach them music, so that they can always be worshipers of God.

Our Mission

Our mission is on Jesus Great commission (Mathew 28/18-20).God is going to built His church through this Christian children house. I want to tell you little bit how this happened.

God showed me this area/place name as Khurram Pura Khanewal to start the children house, when we were  praying and worshiping to Lord,some people knock the door and asked what are you doing, then I told them about my vision regarding Children house, then we( me and my team )decided to invite these people on every Friday in our prayer meeting ,when we said them to join us in every Friday prayer meeting they started to come, these were the people from Brick kiln factories, they were unaware about Jesus & His Love ,on brick kiln factories these people working as a slaves(same like Israelites in Egypt),they did not know about Jesus and His purpose for mankind. God put this thing in my heart to tell them they should repent from their sins & get baptized, when I did what God has put in my heart  10 people accepted Jesus as their  personal savior & Lord and got water baptized Praise the Lord, through these 10 people we access to more people on brick kiln factories and more souls came to Christ.

We have rented house for children house, in this house there is small hall where we gather on every Friday & Sunday to worship God. Now 30 to 32 people join us on every Friday & Sunday meeting. God is working in their lives through children house. So in future as God will open the doors we will go out to reach the reach and brings to Jesus who are lost.

Blessings from Pastor Asif Khurshid

Representative Lighthouse Ministries of Pakistan